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Guest Posts


Friends are trying to tell you everything. One day I got out of the house with some work. A 12-class student is found near a temple on the way. When my eyes fell on that student, I saw that he was crying. I thought it might be too painful. When I went to him, he asked him why brother crying. The student cried and said that because of not getting the fees for school today, I was expelled from the school. And he said that I want to study but I do not have so much money. After leaving some of the months, I used to go to school and go to work and pay the fees every month.

Guest Posts

But this month did not work anywhere, due to which May not be able to pay the fees. Guys believe that at that time my friends got fed. The same Samay has come to my heart that one has seen weeping today and also, like this student, there are many who can not study.

Friends, I deposited the full 8 month’s fees of that student and also started thinking to help the children. Then the friends thought I should take the help of the internet. Then I created a website oh knowledge Named. Today, some great people join me in helping students who are unable to study.


Through this website, every student can help in any subject. This website provides free knowledge. This website can add students who want to help the weak students. We provide an email to such students.


For example:- Whenever a student creates a problem in GC Subject, then he communicates us with that message. That message goes to every one. Anyone who knows the question of that question, the student easily gets the problem right. So we all will work together. By which we will be able to help each other in the world easily.





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